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About Duotraq

We provide GPS satellite & cellular technology products for location tracking, personal safety, asset security, remote alarm monitoring & logistics management. We work with a number of manufacturing & technology partners to develop cost-effective tracking solutions using robust, reliable equipment with 'over the air' remote device programming and easy-to-use online tracking software. We supply end-users & organisations with reliable products to protect people, monitor assets & improve logistics globally.

GPS Tracking for Safety, Security & Alarm Monitoring

Duotraq provides GPS tracking systems designed to ensure personal safety & monitor assets globally. Our product range includes satellite, cellular, and radio frequency technology to track on land or at sea. Applications range from personal tracking using satellite handsets to telemetry reporting from isolated equipment & fleet monitoring worldwide. A secure, easy-to-use mapping interface gives you detailed information on your assets, wherever and whenever you need it.

Asset Tracking & Security

An 'asset' can be anything that's valuable to you, from vehicles, boats, trailers, caravans, motorcyles, or smaller items like bikes & sports equipment. If it can move, it can also get lost, either by accident or theft. With our range of battery-powered & wired tracking devices, you can keep track of almost anything with or without a power supply, and be notified immediately if it moves.

Personal Safety

Mobile phones are usually the first solution when calling for help, but are not as reliable in bad weather or in areas with poor network coverage - conditions typical in emergency situations. A dedicated GPS tracking device can provide better performance and battery life to locate your position accurately and call for help when and where it is needed.

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DQ50 Asset tracker for fleets

5 years tracking for assets without power

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Prevent Outboard theft with low-cost wireless tracker

Tracking Software Update

New tracking software keeps you connected & simplifies boat maintenance...

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