Protect your Outboard Motor

Outboard Motor Protected with Duotraq G60It's well known that smaller boats are more vulnerable to thefts of portable equipment, particularly Outboard Motors. They are usually the most valuable item on board, and frequently targeted by thieves for their re-sale value. We're receiving theft alerts from on a daily basis, many of which are for stolen outboards. If you install an outboard motor GPS tracking device you'll be able to receive alerts on your phone or tablet.  G32 wireless GPS alarm

Boats in remote locations may be left unattended for long periods during the winter, but for a small investment, you can easily protect your equipment with our G32 wireless GPS tracker This compact, waterproof unit keeps you up to date with your boat's location, sends reports on battery level & external power, and can send an instant alert if the outboard is removed. Read more about Outboard Motor Tracking