Watersports equipment tracking

Watersports equipment tracking using GPS handsets can help logistics & improve safety for clients & staff during busy holiday periods. Using Spot3 satellite handsets for group tracking provides SOS security features & additional alerts such as entry/exit Tracking watersports equipmentzones or arrival/departure notifications, while Spot Trace for fleet tracking lets you monitor all vessels easily during hire periods, plus anti-theft alerts when craft are in storage or at moorings. If you know exactly where your kayak, dinghy or other personal watercraft is on a regular route, it's easier to predict arrival back to base times & line up new customers for your service.

For other adventure activities, the DQ30 GPRS handset can provide low-cost monitoring at short tracking intervals for accurate journey logs in locations with cellular coverage. Other applications include temporary tracking of boats during delivery transport, hire vehicle location or other portable equipment monitoring.

DQ53 is a compact battery tracker for any type of asset, and is ideal for the long-term monitoring boats, tenders & personal watercraft. It can function for single vessels, or groups of boats in marinas for example. It can also be easily moved between assetsto protect items during short periods, such as during boat delivery or trailering between locations.

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Spot3 Satellite track off-shore