YachtSafe W010 Remote Control

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YachtSafe W010 Remote Control

Easy to operate wireless remote control unit for YachtSafe GPS Tracker Alarm Units.  Use the remote unit to manually control and activate the alarm system. 

The W010 Remote Control Unit has four functions:


Separate buttons for switching the alarm unit on and off

SOS messages 

Pressing the SOS button sends an alert message giving your location to the three mobile phone numbers programmed into your alarm system. 

Low Power Consumption

When this function is activated using the remote control, the alarm 'hibernates', operating on the internal battery.   In this mode, YachtSafe continues to monitor your boat and send alarm messages for up to 6 months.  While the alarm system is set to hibernate, settings cannot be changed by mobile phone.

Control additional outputs

Use this function to control the power of other equipment on your boat, such as heaters or fridges.