Yachtsafe G32

Yachtsafe G32 GPS Boat TrackerLooking for a Yacht Tracker for a single boat?  The Yachtsafe G32  is a GPS Boat Tracker providing Yacht security & boat monitoring in one compact, easy-to-fit package. It protects your boat from unauthorised movement, intrusion, outboard motor theft or power supply failure using a modular wireless system controlled from your mobile phone. Add components when you need them for a fully-featured boat alarm & save money by buying just the accessories you need for your application:


1. Start with the G32 base unit for movement alerts from your boat or outboard

Yacht Tracker

  • Download the APP for Android or Iphone & connect G31 to your boat battery
  • Configure using the APP or SMS texts for alert numbers & 'Geofence' radius
  • Switch on/off and view current location on the APP
  • Receive movement alerts directly in the APP or by SMS when your boat moves
  • Receive input supply alerts when voltage drops


2. Add a remote control keyfob

  • Remote control for wireless boat alarmWith the remote control, you can switch the main unit on or off (without using the APP) from up to 100 meters, and activate 'low power' mode for long-term boat monitoring - up to six weeks operation

3. Add a water level sensor

Water level sensor for wireless boat alarm

  • Monitor your bilge with this IP68 wireless sensor & get instant notifications of dangerous water levels
  • 8 Year battery life & 100 metre range from control unit
  • Easy to fit battery operation with no wiring; adhesive or screw fitting

4. Add a hatch magnetic contact alarm

Magnetic contact for wireless boat alarm

  • Easily fit a hatch contact & know when someone enters the cabin
  • Contact has 6-Year battery life & 150-metre range

5. Add a wireless PIR intrusion sensor

PIR sensor for wireless boat alarm

  • Protect your cabin from unauthorised entry with a wireless PIR intrusion sensor
  • Simple to install below deck with adhesive pads or screws


*Setup of all wireless accessories is made simple using LED's on each component to notify when in range of the G32 control unit