DQ56 Bluetooth Tag

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DQ56 Bluetooth Tag

The DQ56 is ideal for low-cost monitoring of assets without the need for SIM cards, as the device data is sent using Bluetooth to a DQ51 receiving 'gateway'. For large area applications, several DQ51 can used, with the DQ56 tags registering with each gateway as it enters or leaves range, typically  within 100 metres.


  • DQ56 transmits battery voltage, transmit power (used for range estimates) & temperature.
  • IP67 Rated; -20 deg C to + 60  deg C
  • Up to 5 years battery life with just 2 x AAA batteries, Alkaline or Lithium
  • Easy to install & conceal, L80 x W40 x H18 mm
  • Bluetooth 4.2 - up to 100 metres

DQ56 Blutooth Tag Applications

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