Tracking People - Stay safe with SOS handsets

Asset Tracking - Security & Logistics

Marine Tracking for Commercial & Leisure Fleets

Watersports - Track your equipment

About Duotraq

We provide GPS Satellite & GPRS products for location tracking, personal safety, asset security, remote alarm monitoring & logistics management. We deliver complete GPS tracking solutions comprising hardware, software and satellite messaging or GPRS airtime.

Safety, Security & Alarm Monitoring

Our products work Globally to track assets on land or at sea. A secure, easy-to-use mapping interface gives you detailed information on your assets, wherever and whenever you need it.


We offer a consultancy service for GPS tracking projects of any size, using our extensive knowledge of GPS, GPRS, RFID & Satellite technology, including IoT asset tracking devices & networks such as Sigfox & LoRaWAN. Products & user accounts can be configured to your own application, or branded with your own graphics if you prefer a complete 'White label' solution.

Personal Safety

Locate your position and quickly summon help when required. GPS trackers can be used for covert tracking, adventure sports or protecting Lone Workers. We supply GPRS (cellular) and Satellite handsets to operate in any location globally

UK: 0330 380 1072
Int: +44 203 384 4243


IoT networks give long battery life

Sigfox and LoRaWAN technology for IoT

Satellite Tracking for Marine Fleets & Lone Worker Applications

Now you can use Spot3 and Trace & DQ80 for fleet satellite tracking & Lone worker applications

DQ53 Asset tracker for fleets

4 years tracking for assets without power

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