Boat Security


Boat tracking device fitted for increased Boat Security

Boat Tracking Device or Alarm System?

You can improve the security level on your boat by fitting a Boat Tracking device or Boat Alarm System or combining both in one comprehensive package.

Duotraq's products are robust, weatherproof GPS tracking devices which monitor unauthorised movement outside a fixed radius, or 'Geofence'. Duotraq DQ54 & Sentinel Point SP2 are ideal for smaller boats and Outboards. They can be used in harbours, marinas & coastal areas (where mobile coverage is available), and store track history when out of range. You'll always know where your boat is, with instant alerts if it moves, plus you can get other essential information such as battery levels/external voltage and daily status etc, using the tracking portal or phone APP.

You can also add a stand-alone Marine Security Camera to take pictures or live stream events on your boat, or include one with the YS6 packages shown below.

For vessel tracking further off-shore & 'Blue water' cruising, a boat satellite tracker such as DQ80  or Spot Trace will work in any global region, and can provide a journey log.

If you're a charter owner, you might want more comprehensive data from your boat, such as location, battery, tilt, shock, and temperature. The YS6 Bronze kit provides all this in a modular system & is ideal for Leisure fleets. Wireless sensors can be added as required, including an Iridium satellite accessory for two-way communication with your boat. Alternatively fully-featured YS6 Silver & YS6 Gold packages are available with extra sensors included.


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