Boat Security


Boat tracking device for increased Boat Security

Boat Tracking Device or Alarm System

You can improve the security level on your boat by fitting a Boat Tracking device or Boat Alarm System.

Boat security systems are typically GPRS tracking devices which use cellular coverage to monitor harbours, marinas & coastal areas. A satellite boat tracking device can be used for global vessel tracking further off-shore & 'blue water' cruising. You'll always know where your boat is, with instant alerts if it moves, plus you can get other useful information such as battery levels & external voltage, engine status & runtime etc, depending on the model. Most types have vibration sensors built-in, and generally transmit movement & daily status information. Generally devices can be easily self-installed, and Duotraq can provide technical assistance for more complex applications with external input monitoring. If you're a charter owner, it can be reassuring to know where your boat is cruising & everthing is OK for your clients. Read more about our Yacht Charter Monitoring System.Boat tracking device - Alert definition screenshot

Boat Tracking device types & features

Many companies promote tracking devices for boats which claim to 'work anywhere'. This is rarely the case, as many buildings & coastal features can attenuate (reduce) or completely block signals from the tracker's antennas. This is why Duotraq uses a variety of boat tracking devices which can be optimised for your application & give the best coverage. We also have rugged, self-contained trackers & complete wired/wireless systems to suit most boat security requirements.

If you have a jetski, small boat without power or large boat, we can recommend the right boat tracking device for you.

Here's a summary of what will work where - if you're still not sure, contact us for more advice.

  • GPRS boat tracking devices work anywhere with a cellular signal in harbours & marinas, and up to several miles off-shore. It is usually the lowest cost option & utilises a roaming SIM card. Look for a long standby battery life if your boat has little or no power available. Device types: DQ75 Marine Tracker; DQ53 Asset Tracker DQ50 Asset Tracker
  • Satellite boat trackers work anywhere at sea, and generally have higher messaging costs, but can be configured for lower-cost reporting with longer reporting intervals. Self-contained trackers need to have an unobstructed view of the sky to ensure good transmission with the satellite constellation. Device Types: Spot Trace DQ80 Satellite tracker

Note: DQ75, DQ50, DQ53, Spot Trace & DQ80 can be configured for fleet tracking with Duotraq software if you have several boats to protect

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