DQ51 Asset Tracker

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DQ51 Asset Tracker

DQ51 can be used as a stand-alone asset tracker with exceptionally long battery life for monitoring vehicles & other fixed/moving assets. It can additonally fuction as a 'gateway' to receive information from DQ56 wireless tags using its Bluetooth receiver. For example a DQ51 could be located in a warehouse, with wireless tags attached to pallets. The pallets' ID, approximate location and battery level are reported to the DQ51 at regular intervals when scanned, and uploaded to the tracking platform. Pallets moving between different warehouses can be monitored using a DQ51 in each location, with alerts set for tags missing or present.

DQ51 features

  • Operates on 2G or 4G Cat-M1/NB IoT networks (different builds)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) v 5
  • Up to 5 years hourly updates
  • Magnetic tamper detection
  • Battery meter (Coulomb counter)
  • Integrated accelerometer with High-G incident detection
  • Scans up to 128 Tags with 100-metre max range

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