DQ54 Asset Tracker

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DQ54 Asset Tracker

Monitoring asset location is made much easier with our 'Plug & Play' DQ54 battery-powered device. It is fitted with a roaming SIM card operating on GPRS or LTE CAT-M1 NB-IoT networks, providing movement alerts & trip history. It is available with versions using GPS for external tracking, or Wi-Fi for location within buildings. This technology uses a Google geolocation API to determine the distance of nearby fixed wi-fi routers, and triangulates the device based on signal strength. The location data is then transmitted via the cellular network (not the Wi-Fi) In urban locations, accurancy is typically +/- 30 metres.

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The DQ54 is suitable for a large number of applications due to its small size & exceptionally long battery life, including vehicle & boat tracking, equipment location & recovery, pallets, bins, containers, agricultural plant & livestock tracking.



DQ54 Asset tracker Applications

DQ54 features

  • 3 x AAA lithium batteries for self-power up to three years
  • Rugged IP67 housing, L85 x W63 x H24 mm
  • 3D accelerometer & combined GPS/GLONASS positioning
  • GPS or WiFi versions to track inside buildings
  • 'Man down' reporting - if asset has not moved (can be used for livestock, shipments etc)
  • 'Impact/accident' reporting - such as assets being dropped etc.