DQ55 Asset Tracker

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DQ55 Asset Tracker

Monitoring asset location & asset state is essential in many industries, including food & pharmacetical goods transport & warehousing, agricultural, water & air quality monitoring etc.

The DQ55 is adaptable to all these tasks using a combination of technologies such as GPS plus Wi-Fi to locate assets which may be in large warehouses with no GPS signal. Sensors wired to the device can report thier data at pre-configured intervals, with thresholds set for 'asset health'. Alerts & map icons clearly indicate events such as high/low temperature or water levels etc.

DQ55 features

  • 3 x AA lithium batteries for self power; optional 5-16 volt external power
  • 2 x Digital Inputs; 1 x Analogue input; 1 x switched ground digital output
  • I2C interface for wired sensors
  • Onboard GPS & Wi-Fi 'sniffing' for low power location & indoor localisation
  • Accessories include a 2-metre Temperature Probe (main picture) and Temperature/Humidity sensor

Temperature and Humidity Sensors