Lone Worker

Lone Worker


A Lone Worker can be easily protected using a GPRS or satellite handset, with coverage on land or at sea. Our software enables comprehensive lone worker monitoring including geofence safety & hazard zone plus 'SOS' alerts. All events are logged for detailed reporting which can be used for 'health & safety' compliance records. The reporting software enables easy organisation of workers arranged by groups or locations, with permission-based secure logins.

  • Arrange handsets by group, location or manager
  • Set unlimited hazard or safe geofence zones
  • Set movement alerts or missed timing report
  • Configure automatic reporting to monitor personnel & locations visited

Lone Worker Solutions

The main consideration in selecting handsets is the availablity of cellular or satellite communication in the area you want to monitor. Satellite will operate in most outdoor locations, but not inside buildings. Cellular/GPRS needs mobile network coverage, but can operate where there is an in-building antenna system in use. GPRS is also much cheaper (see DQ30 subscription cost) when very short tracking intervals are required, either for higher security purposes or more accurate GPS location fixing.

  • DQ30 GPRS handsets for movement reporting down to 5 seconds; USB re-charge
  • Spot Gen3 Satellite handsets for tracking interval down to 2.5 minutes; user replaceable AA batteries

Product details: DQ30 GPRS handset  Spot Gen3 handset

If your application is for just one handset or a whole fleet, please get in touch, we'll be happy to help.

DQ30 track


The screenshot (right) shows a DQ30 handset track both on land in a vehicle, and also on a RIB off-shore