Sentinel Cam

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Sentinel Cam

Sentinel Cam is a weatherproof, low-power (<400mA) marine security camera.  It can send HD 1080p videos, yet still typically use less than 100MB data per month.  It is also  Sentinel Cam Menuequipped with 'night vision' for low-light images, and our smart detection software means fewer false alarms. It uses your on-board wi-fi to transmit data over a connected cellular network. If Wi-Fi is not available, you can either use the Global roaming sim card provided with the Sentinel Cam, or use your own sim card to connect to 4G networks.


  • Images & Video viewable in HD
  • Live stream video on demand
  • Wide angle lens
  • 4G & Wi-Fi enabled; auto switching
  • Cloud storage of data for 90 days
  • Multiple user access

Subscription fee is only £49/€59/$69 per year, with the first year included.

Sentinel Cam Marine Security Camera



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