Sentinel Point Boat Monitoring

Sentinel Point SP2

Boat Monitoring System

If you want to monitor your Boat, Outboard motor, jet-ski, RIB or other boat with power, Sentinel Point SP2 keeps you in touch with a mobile App or an online web app. The device communicates via a built-in SIM card using networks worldwide. The unit is hard-wired with an internal back-up battery, and switch on/off either with the key fob accessory or using the App remotely.

You can instantly view the location, speed, course, battery voltage & temperature of your boat. You can also set or cancel alerts to warn you of the following events:

  • Movement outside a fixed radius (40-200 Metres)
  • Battery voltage drops below a set level
  • Tilt increases beyond set parameter
  • Impact (set for mild or severe shocks)
  • Temperature changes above/below set threshold

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