Sentinel Point SP2

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Sentinel Point SP2

Sentinel Point SP2 features:

SP2 is controlled by a mobile APP that lets you remotely check your boat's status 24/7 and warns immediately of any problems onboard. You can also view other essential information such as location, speed, course, battery voltage & temperature on demand. You can view 'Trip History', plus 'Arm/Disarm' your device using your phone APP or the keyfob accessory. Built-in sensors monitor 'Tilt' and 'Shock', which is particularly useful for Charter owners to know of unreported grounding or collisions. Settings for 'Shock' are user-adjustable for moored/at sea to avoid false activations.

'Safe return' is another useful feature to create an alert based on a time threshold, notifying family & friends if your journey is longer than planned.

As the subscription fees are included for two years, you can install your SP2 with no further mobile costs. You can use your device to receive instant alerts - and change settings as often as you like.

Sentinel Point SP2 Menu Screen

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