Outboard Motor Tracking

Outboard tracking device - to prevent outboard motor theft

Outboard Motor Tracking Device

If you install an Outboard Anti-Theft device you can receive instant alerts if it is detached or stolen. As the tracker is installed in the motor housing, you can also track the stolen motor & more easily recover it. The best type of tracker for your boat will depend on the space available in the motor housing to conceal a GPS device -check the dimensions of the products below. The second consideration is whether a power supply is available - if not you'll need a battery-only device. As you'll also need a mobile signal to receive alerts for devices with a SIM card, check with the major networks if your location is covered. If you boat is moored some distance off-shore, or in a remote area, you can use a satellite device which will work anywhere with a view of the sky.

Here's a summary of Duotraq's Outboard Motor Anti-theft Tracking Devices:

  • Sentinel Point SP2 is a hard-wired cellular device controlled by a phone APP to detect shocks & unauthorised movement. Subscription fee for two years included.
  • DQ54 Asset tracker is a battery-operated device which fits into larger engine housings to detect movent & also record trips. Requires cellular coverage & a yearly fee.
  • Spot Trace has a compact housing and is powered by 4 x AAA internal batteries or line power with battery backup. It will fit in the housings of larger outboards. Satellite network coverage means it doesn't require mobile network so can be used at sea or on remote lakes & rivers inland. There is a yearly fee for Satellite messaging.

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