Outboard Motor Tracking

Outboard tracking device - to prevent outboard motor theft Outboard Motor Tracking Device

For boats of any size, Outboard Motor Tracking can be a cost-saving security feature, simply by fitting an outboard motor anti-theft device. Outboards are difficult to secure, but not so difficult to remove - so consider fitting a hidden Outboard Alarm to monitor your equipment & get unauthorised movement alerts.

Outboard Motor Anti-theft Tracking Devices are a type of GPS for boats which can be fitted inside your motor housing, and either hard-wired to the boat, such as the DQ75, or Spot Trace, which is powered by internal batteries. An outboard tracker is activated by vibration or unauthorised movement beyond a fixed radius. Alerts are generally set up on each user account to receive email or SMS notifications, and when 'live' tracking is configured a stolen motor can be more easily located & recovered. Outboard tracking device - Geolock anti-theft feature


Here's a summary of our Outboard Motor Anti-theft Devices:


  • Spot Trace has a compact housing and is powered by 4 x AAA internal batteries. It will fit in the housings of larger outboards. Satellite network coverage means it doesn't require mobile network so can be used at sea or remote lakes & rivers inland.
  • DQ75 Marine Tracker is installed in the boat with an anti-tamper loop wired into the motor. Requires cellular coverage.

Note: Spot Trace & DQ75 can be configured with Duotraq software for fleet tracking if you have several boats with outboard motors to protect


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